Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the website user experience is a sure way to be optimized for search engines. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) targets at increasing user’s experience, reducing bounce back rate, engaging visitors on website, social media and creating quality links.

Higher the Usability, Better are the Rankings in Search Engines

Recent algorithm “Rank Brain” measures the effectiveness, usability and time, a visitor is engaged on the website, to rank your website in search engine. At TAG, our SEO specialists put technical experience in increasing your digital presence, social media engagement, blogging and creative content strategy.

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SEO Audit & Reporting

Auditing the website’s SEO performance, using multiple SEO tools to measure website page speed, keyword density, quality of back links, code to content ratio and worth, website usability, search engine crawling and indexing and other SEO factors which are useful and key to boost your search rankings.

Our detailed diagnostic website audit report covers all aspects of SEO in detail along with recommendation and remedies to work on specific points. 

From generating the heat map to check the Call of Action points for the site, areas which majorly engage the website visitors and how these can be more utilized or improved to increase and retain the website traffic. Our expertise comes from having a resource pool of marketers, social media managers, developers and designers, who put on collective work on website to get the best results in hand.

On Site SEO

On Site Optimization starts with light weight website, user friendliness, easiness to navigate, content quality and readability, engaging points & triggers along with keyword usage in content, tags, meta description and titles.

Our On Page SEO Checklist covers all the elements from making the website minimal in point of design, maintaining the keyword density, validating the code, including the keywords in titles, meta description with proper keyword research.

TAG Management has systematic solutions to provide the best on page experience for the website user and increase the visitor’s engagement on site.

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Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO is major factor in signalling search engines regarding digital presence of business, its popularity and its worth. How much a website is popular depends on how many other blogs or websites linking to that website. More popular the website, best chance to rank well in related keywords.

Quality of links connecting or pointing to the website is very important, these might come from social media, blogs, commenting or guest posting.

The back link strategy that we undertake focuses on create genuine and engaging content with correctly pointing back links on right keywords, that make sense and it is done on only highly authoritative websites, which have high domain as well as page authority along with local and other business listings where ever applicable.

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100% Site Optimization

Our experts work out to make sure that each element of website optimization is met to the best standards for search engines.

Registering the website with major search engines for crawling and indexing along with tracking the performance.

Content, Keywords, Keyword density and Meta Description is optimized for better ranking and relevant search queries.

Back Linking as well as Social Media is fully utilized up to their potential for improving the rankings and authority of website.

Business Listings with local and international search as well as business directories, blogging and commenting on latest topics.