Logo Design Trends – 2018 & 2019

The brand is way more important than business itself.

Representation of a brand is its logo, which is very valuable asset for any business to grow with. Designing the logo is definitely the most important task and ultimate decision, that will stick to your business for the years to come.

Nobody would ever want a identity, that doesn’t feel wanted, powerful and energetic. Every concept should underline a fine mix of uniqueness, elegance and simplicity. No matter, how much worth the business is, its logo is what people look first to.

Logo Design trends have varied from time to time, keeping in view the industry direction, niche requirements and market orientation. However, there are some design patterns, that remained dominant overall in 2018, which are going to kick start in 2019 as well.

i. Cutting Edge yet Minimal Logos

Logos that are self sufficient, powerful in its elegance. Some of these logos, that have been kept to the minimal, designed with view point to create  monotonous yet universally vibrant identity, that increase the business reach and power.   Most important, these logos are cohesive, unique and singular in its state.


ii.  Material Design and Radiant Logos

Logos that have been built on powerful concept of material design coined by Google itself. The color palette that has been specifically used for designing these logos is containing the frequency variants of similar color i.e., gradient palette. These logos are extremely charming, shows reliability, calmness and superiority. Being a professional corporate logos, these are entitled to be strongly powerful.


iii. Iconic Logos with Abstract Logo Orientation

Icons have always been used in a classic way to represent the brand, due its nature to visually convey the message that a brand wants to communicate, these iconic logos have always been in the trend for companies ranging from big multinationals to startups. These logos represent the niche, where its visual representation keep the more weight than the name itself.

When you want to directly connect with your targeted audience or remind them of specific trigger points, you always opt for iconic logos. It has been in the trendy in 2018 that these icons have been designed in the form of abstract letter mark or logo symbol.


iv. Mascot or Character Logos

Mascot logos have become a very trendy for the brands to use in 2018. Mascot is a character, which inhabits the qualities of the business and strongly convey its vision or services. Mascot logos have usually been used for service industry to build their characteristic representation of their brand. These logos have been graphically illustrated with its resemblance to any cartoon character, animal or object.


it has always been hard for brands to decide, which design trend suits them the most. However, the actual brand recognition and logo identity should be based on the story that the brand carries. Why and how the business has been formed, what it represents and specifically what it wants to achieve in the market.

Logo designing is an art, which involves a designer to put itself and creativity into designing something unique, very genuine and authentic, that could be exact or almost similar representation of the brand.

TAG Management LLC  has been in the design industry since many past years, creating a space with innovative and creative designers, designing some strong visual identities with distinct features, artistic work and creative enthusiasm. We believe, most of the trends would follow in 2019 too, however again, logo design is a process, which should be given proper time and value, because it is going to remain there even if your business remains or not.

Choosing the logo designer, that has right set of skills and expertise is as essential as founding your vision. Best logos come from creative minds, those who are inspired to uniquely design, rather than making the online logo patterns.


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