Bring back Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg Sucks. How to bring back/install Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0

Unfamiliar with the Gutenberg Editor and without running a awareness campaign, WordPress 5.0 release has brought Gutenberg as its default editor. Which will override the classic editor as well as theme’s editors, that you may be using like the Divi Editor, Elementor or Jupiter.

WordPress has become vast platform and most popular content management system, making the development as well as designing the websites so easy, that clients can easily navigate through, update and edit by themselves.

It has become so renowned due to its ease of use, simpler approach and user friendly interface. Adding the Gutenberg as default editor with WordPress 5.0 release, means a complexity. No doubt, Gutenberg is one of the updated editors, with brilliant features and UI experience, but when it comes to the clients, they need simpler, smoother and lessor complex features to use for development/designing of their websites.

This is how the Gutenberg editor looks like:


classic editor  -wordpress 5.0


Most probably, you are one of those users, who don’t like it. Gutenberg could have done more better and yet excellent job with WordPress collaboration in making the user’s knowledgeable, aware and involved in the change, that they have brought with WordPress 5.0.

However, no issue, every problem has a solution, if you don’t like the Gutenberg editor and want to switch back to the classic editor or your theme’s default editors, then you can do the following:

STEP-1: Get into your WordPress site dashboard using admin and go to Plugins > Add Plugin from the left side panel

STEP-2: Search  for Classic Editor in the top right search bar. The Classic Editor plugin will come up near the top of results with millions active installations now. Core WordPress team has contributed in developing and maintaining the classic editor. or  you can download it from here through site:

WordPress Classic Editor - TAG Management LLC


STEP-3: Navigate to it and Click on Install Now button and it will begin installing, once installed, click on Activate as shown below. It comes with a feature to automatically disable the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 when activated.

classic editor 5.0


Once activated, now you can use the Classic Editor or your Theme’s own editor like Divi Editor, Jupiter Editor or Elemetor in WordPress 5.0 by installing the Classic Editor, without worry to get known or become hands on WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor.

However, needless to say that Gutenberg is advanced editor and it will stay with more updates to come, may be with classic yet modern features and simpler navigation as well as interface.

Having said that, WordPress core development team behind the Classic Editor has shown or suggested to carry on its maintenance, support and update until 2021, which means you can use the Classic Editor or your theme’s editor until it become compatible with Gutenberg Editor, till that time.

The theme providers now should make their own editors compatible with Gutenberg editor so that user’s don’t have to install the extra plugin (classic editor) or to get hitched by Gutenberg Editor. Not only Gutenberg editor, but the theme developers have the responsibility to make their editors, themes and features updated or upgraded with the latest features of WordPress so to provide seamless operations to users throughout.



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