Looking for Brand Design- Better Have a Story


How Design World is Different


Designing has always been a versatile, creatively moving and out of box oriented field.

There has always been a urge to design something different. Something Unique, which hasn’t been thought upon, or if thought then not worked upon.

Measuring the designers on its innovative capabilities, out of box designing approach and most importantly their persistence to achieve the completeness of any design, that they have created.

Design World is different because it demands to be different. But how much different, your brand should be?

Every brand comes with a story, and every story comes with a background, which in some means tend to be a different & unique too.

To be different, you have to have a story, which reflects upon your vision, your experience and your background. Your brand should be as much different as of your story.

Designing never originates from the static approach, the more dynamic the story, the more innovative is the design.

Story, that can be unique, powerful and different. You must be able to tell that story to the designer, who is going to design you a identity for your brand in form of logo, graphics or what so ever.

The art of designer is grasping the story, absorbing each of your vision, becoming part of your background and designing the crust. Every business, who has a unique and impact-full identity, has been a different.

Taking it from Apple to Microsoft, Nike to Adidas, Uber to Airways. They all come up with a background mentioning their struggles, limitations and impacts, that they either envisioned or had.

Designing approach may vary, but if you have a sound story, you are sure gonna have a winner concept, a remarkable brand identity, which might lead your business to unhindered business.

Design your Story first, before have your Identity Designed. 


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